Wicked at Thelma Gaylord Performing Arts Theatre

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Thelma Gaylord PAT At Civic Center Music Hall | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


To call the show a visual feast doesn’t fully encase the pure excellence of the colourful WICKED spectacle, but it’s good place to start. From the exhilarating, emerald-hued journey into the Wizard’s iconic home city – where a glittering green ensemble in magnificent garb are as striking as the formidable machine from which the wizard operates - to Glinda’s blinding bubble dress and that gravity-defying scene, the performance really is a feat of production. The magical effects create an immersive atmosphere that’s as extraordinary for adults as it is children. What more do we need to say? Get your tickets here.

Wicked! Is a story of friendship and betrayal, alliance and enmity, a story of how things could have been so, so different. Before the famous Dorothy lands anywhere near the land of Oz, before there even was a Tin-man, a scaredy-cat Lion or a Scarecrow. Wicked brings you the spectacle, the deception, the mix-ups and the timeless tale of friendship and identity, uncover more about all the iconic characters from the Land of Oz! Tickets are available now for Wicked! Only at the fabulous Thelma Gaylord PAT At Civic Center Music Hall in the city of Oklahoma City on the Wednesday 6th March 2024. A long, long time a go in the mystic Land of Oz, Elphaba, born with emerald green skin and a fierce temperament, becomes best friends with Galinda, a lovable and trusting blonde. Until the two witches fall in love with the same man, the Winkle Prince Fiyero Tigelaar, and are tricked by the wicked Wizard of Oz into becoming enemies, thus creating the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good, defender of Oz! Spells will sputter and monkeys’ will fly, in this enormously remarkable origin story, find out precisely where the Tin-man, the Scarecrow and the Lion came from. Book your tickets now to the mystic Wicked! Only at the marvelous Thelma Gaylord PAT At Civic Center Music Hall in the city of Oklahoma City.

Wicked at Thelma Gaylord PAT At Civic Center Music Hall

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